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11300 N Interstate 35 San Antonio, TX 78233210-370-3100 

3904 San Pedro San Antonio, TX 78212210-370-3100

Our job is to sell cars, but that's hardly all we're interested in doing. We care just as much about educating our community about the good and the bad in the automotive industry: what to look for, what to avoid, how to recognize bad deals and practices and much more.

Therefore, our contact line is open to everyone in San Antonio and the surrounding areas in need of reliable information. You're welcome to call and have a chat with us anytime, but we hope cars will be the subject of our conversation!

Our first location sits just off the I-35, northeast of San Antonio. The address is 11300 N Interstate 35 San Antonio, TX 78233 – come visit us whenever you'd like! If you can't make the trip, we'll be happy to take your call – dial 210-566-2583 and ask anything you'd like to know more about.

Did you get a busy line or are in the downtown San Antonio area? Go ahead and give Auto Blvd II a call at 210-370-3100 or drop by our address at 3904 San Pedro San Antonio, TX 78212 during working hours – we'll be just as happy to talk to you there.

Auto Blvd sales representatives won't just try to sell you a car from our lots – they're there to help you find the dream car you've been looking for. Don't be shy if you're not an automotive wiz and don't know the first thing about how an engine runs – we'll walk you through every step of the way and help you translate your needs and desires into a functioning real-world vehicle.

Many of our customers have an idea of what they want – it just isn't always a very clear one. Whereas other used auto dealers might tell you to call back when you've done your research, we'll be happy to go over the car lineup with you until we can find something to your liking. And find something we will – with the amount of attractive deals offered at each of our locations, it's downright impossible not to feel like a car upgrade is in order!

Bad Credit, Good Credit, No Credit For Used Vehicles

But what about if your credit isn't doing so well? This is a concern many of our customers have, and one they're often hesitant to bring up. We wouldn't be a very good customer-oriented company if we said no to a customer just because they have some bad credit, would we? Of course not! Instead, we'll work with you to find a payment plan that can benefit us both.

We understand how the used car game works – cars come and go, and the opportunity to get the exact vehicle you want might not come around again for a while. If you're checking out our roster and see a car that has your name on it, it'd be a shame to let it go to someone else while you work out your bank dealings. Let us help!

Our representatives are well-versed in various payment plans and credit options and will work directly with your bank to get you the financing you need. Due to our reputation, banks have no issue granting loans to our customers, and not just any loans – loans that you can pay as you go at a rate that best suits you. We can also work with your financial advisor or a similar entity on our way to figuring out how to get you the car you've been looking for.

Don't condemn yourself to driving that beaten-up old Civic that's probably a safety hazard just because you don't know the first thing about car buying or you're not sure how to go about getting the financing for a new set of wheels. Auto Blvd LLC and Auto Blvd II won't close the doors on you as soon as you sign the papers – we'll gear you up for the long haul and will make ourselves readily available for assistance long after you drove off into the sunset with one of our dazzling vehicles. Quality salesmanship doesn't just involve getting a product to look appealing – to us, it means selling something that can maintain its appeal for years without the customer ever regretting the deal.

Still not convinced? Go ahead and give us a call – we promise to explain to you why you and your family could use a new ride at an affordable price without smothering you with cliche sales tactics. Hey, if we don't manage to make the sale, no problem – all you did was gain some car knowledge that you can show off to your friends!




11300 N Interstate 35 / 3904 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78233

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