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    When we opened up shop, instead of focusing on advertising and sales tactics, we took another route: making sure our lot is always chock-full of attractive pre-owned and used vehicles. Today, our inventory is larger than ever and features every kind of vehicle you could ever want as your own.

    A quick look through our large selection of vehicles will make one thing abundantly clear: we deal in quality. Auto Blvd LLC and Auto Blvd II vehicles are sold to last – they're not going to break down a week from purchase like many used cars undoubtedly do.

    Detailed checks of every vehicle we work with contribute to the quality of our products. From experts who review each car and truck to extensive background checks, we know every trade-in vehicle better than its owner does.

    No matter who you are and what your vehicular needs are, we are sure to have you covered. Are you...

    • A young gun looking for a stylish sports car to show off and impress the ladies with, but also one that won't burn too much gas and won't break down after a few rides around the block?
    • A connoisseur of All-American muscle cars who recognizes their power and status and settles for nothing less?
    • A workaholic looking for an inexpensive and reliable ride to and back from work in time, but also one you won't mind being seen in?
    • A mother looking for a safe and spacious vehicle to take her children to school and soccer practice with, one that is pleasant to drive and accomodating yet not too large to navigate the city's crowded spaces?
    • A senior citizen looking for comfort above all else packed in a ride that's geared towards the long haul?
    • Someone needing a top-notch vehicle for transportation of heavy objects? (construction, trade, moving...)
    • Anyone else looking for a quality ride that feels as if it just came out of the factory?

    The Best Quality Used Car Inventory In San Antonio

    If you answered any of those with a 'yes', you can't afford not to check out our inventory. While some car dealers specialize in one or two types of vehicles, our work ethic allows us to offer equal quality in a variety of different categories.

    Used Muscle Cars

    If we had to name one of our specialties, it would have to be our beloved muscle cars – the pride of our great nation and its engineering. Nothing quite lets people know you are there like the sound of a 300+ hp V8 engine purring (or shall we say roaring?) as it's being stepped on. Or maybe you're less concerned about showing off your car's power and more concerned about doing some legal racing in a plain-looking vehicle? Those with knowledge and experience will often pass up on various imports and favor the true American power of the muscle car – we'll help you pick a Mustang that will jump from zero to hero in no time and blow your friends out of the water, making them wish that they bought closer to home.

    Used Luxury Vehicles

    Of course, that's not to say we have anything against the imported items in our inventory. Quite the contrary: many of our top selling cars come from abroad, from Japan to Germany, and offer a perfect blend of exotic design and supreme quality to our customers.

    When we're dealing with a customer looking for a luxury ride, we have no qualms about recommending a foreign brand or even an entirely imported vehicle. After all, what says elegance better than a top-of-the-line Audi or a newer Mercedes in mint condition? Luckily for our industry, domestic brands have no shortage of amazing luxury models to choose from for those looking to buy something with a more familiar touch.

    Used SUVs

    Need something sturdier without sacrificing on luxury? Try one of our SUV or CUV models and prepare to be amazed by the condition they're in. Buyers of SUVs are often concerned that their previous owners took them on a ride through Hell and went for a country shortcut while there, too. It's true that SUVs are built to withstand massive punishment both from below and above, but that doesn't mean every SUV owner used his vehicle to win a 4x4 contest on a nearby dirt ranch.

    Many SUV owners found themselves 'overbuying' – purchasing an SUV that's too powerful for their city needs because it seemed like a good idea at the time. We're happy to connect these sellers with buyers who will need exactly the kind of beast laying dormant in their garage and will gladly take the leash off their hands. That being said, if you're an owner of an SUV that seems to have a permanent dirt outfit to it, we'll just as ready to do business with you – after all, there's no reason why your vehicle shouldn't be in top condition after a good wash and a close inspection. Rest assured, though, that potential buyers will have to know what your SUV has been through before we sell them it – that's just how our policy goes.

    SUVs aren't that powerful, you say? Allow us to introduce you to our roster of mighty used and pre-owned trucks. While our trucks will generally lack the oversized wheels required for the 'monster' prefix, they're monstrous in every other way – engine, load capacity and affordability.

    Used Pickup Trucks

    Many find that pickup trucks are another great American icon, and lots of people will buy one even if they don't have an immediate need to transport cargo. Over time, these people might grow weary of handling such a menacing vehicle and might be looking for something tamer – this is when they'll get in touch with us and ask us to sell their well-maintained pickup, something we're all-too-happy to agree to. Sure that a pickup is what you're looking for, be it for work, play or simply a sense of safety that such a sturdy vehicle provides? We'll help you pick the right one for your current needs and one that is sure to cater to any future ones.

    If you need to go a step further, we'll scour our reserve and find you that full-sized truck that will propel your business to new heights through strength and steadfastness. Best of all? You won't even have to go into debt to get one, as our deals have to be seen to be believed!

    Used Family Sedans

    With all this talk of specialty vehicles for this or that purpose, it's almost as if we're forgetting the most common type of car: the all-purpose family sedan. Reading the above might have left you wondering: „Do these guys even sell sedans that I can use for my day-to-day?“ We most certainly do, and our fleet of sedans and 'regular' cars is just as impressive in its diversity as it is in quality.

    Young or old, long or wide, with minimal features or with a full package set – we sell all kinds of sedans for every type of customer. Among our favorite clients are families looking to buy 'the car' – that one car that will serve them for a long time to come, and that every family member with a driver's license will enjoy using. Oftentimes, the whole family will be present and it will be quite clear that everyone is concerned about finding a perfect fit. We'll happily dispell the bad rep that some used car salesmen incur as we guide the customers through our family sedans and help them pick something that will truly be worthy of the title 'family car'.

    Are you buying a car just for yourself and not necessarily other members of your family? We'll pay just as much attention to your needs and wants. We'll talk about what you could use the car for and then work with you to find that one model that you can call your own. Of course, even if you don't have your own family yet, it pays to think of the future – since our used and pre-owned cars have a reputation for lasting a long time, your children might very well end up learning the ropes inside a sedan you bought fresh out of college.

    No pressure, though – if you end up bored of a vehicle that you bought from us, you can always have us re-sell it by becoming one of our cherished trade-in sellers. That's the thing with our inventory – we constantly update it with new and exciting vehicles so that Auto Blvd can act as your one-stop-shop for your car needs during any point of your life, from the time when you and your father are looking for a safe and reliable high school graduation gift to when you feel you finally made it in life and want a luxurious limousine-esque sedan all the way to your senior years when you want to sit back and relax in a full-featured box of comfort.

    Since our roster of cars is being refreshed day in and day out, you never know when your dream car might pop up – tomorrow, we could get contacted by a seller tomorrow looking to trade in his cherry 70s Chevy at a reasonable price. But why wait? Chances are, the car of your dreams is already waiting for you at one of our lots.

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