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    Auto Blvd Quality Used Vehicles In San Antonio

    CARFAX Certified Used Trucks In San Antonio

    Whenever we get a customer asking to buy a pickup truck, we'll try to sneak in the same question we always do: What do you plan on picking up? The answer will tell us everything we need in order to recommend the right models to the buyer.

    While all pickup trucks promise to excel at transportation, not all of them are fit for the same type of customer. In fact, some of our clients don't need to transport items at all. No, sir – they just want the feeling of commanding the road with a big old mini-truck, and that's perfectly fine. But if you aren't going to be doing the lifting, there's no need to go overboard and get a model that burns through a lot more fuel.

    Most modern pickup truck lines are grouped based on towing capacity –  1500, 2500 and 3500 designations. Aside from the 3500 models being noticeably longer, the biggest difference is that they will offer nearly double the towing capacity of the 1500s – usually over 23,000 lbs of potential weight. This is why we make a point of asking about our customer's needs – it would be a waste to get the most powerful pickup if you won't be putting it to full use.

    We're proud of our collection of pickup trucks, and we update it fairly often to bring new deals to our buyers. Some of our top sellers grouped by brand are:

    Chevrolet: One of the most popular pickup trucks of all time, every version of the Silverado does all you ask of it while seemingly wanting to do more. The first thing to note about the Silverado is that it's a full-size pickup – that means front and back seats. This makes it the ideal choice for a family vehicle if one or more members have to transport cargo frequently. As you might expect, the Silverado also excels at towing and comes in four different load capacities. Another prime-time Chevy pickup we offer is the Avalanche – another full-sizer for the family, Avalanche is geared less towards serious work and more towards ease of travel. For professional towing needs, we suggest the Silverado Chassis Cab – the rear row of seats is removed to make way for a bed that supports over 30,000 gross combined weight rating – how's that for heavy duty?

    Dodge: Dodge certainly chose the right animal to name their line of pickup trucks after – even the 'weakest' model seems to have all the power of a pack of rams and more. Dodge's answer to the Silverado is also full-sized and coming in several levels of capability. However, the Ram truck line is a lot more extensive – the fact that there are over a dozen different Ram trims tells you that Dodge is putting a lot of effort into their pickup venture. The designations are the same as those of competitors – 1500, 2500, 3500 and the Chassis Cab, with the latter being notable for keeping its back row of seats. Make sure to pick the right trim for your needs, as there's a world of difference between some of them – more on that later.

    Ford: As you might expect, Ford isn't lagging far behind with its series of quality pickups. Depending on your needs, you can either go for one of our popular full-size F-150 models or one of Ford's intimidating 'Super Duty' versions – the F-250, F-350 and so forth. These are larger and more heavily-built, meaning you'll likely have more difficulties steering and parking them in urban areas, although you won't have much choice if you're a professional. Ford's heaviest Super Duty vehicle boasts a GCWR of 40,000 lbs, which should be enough to tow anything short of a house. It's also worth noting that many consider Ford pickups to have the most attractive design among its competition, which has no doubt played a role in our ever-steady sales of these trucks.

    GMC: Pickup trucks are one area of automotive production that General Motors pay special attention to, and it's evident in their outstanding line. Unlike many competitors, GMC offers the perfect 'starter truck' for lovers of the pickup who don't want to venture too far out into heavy-duty territory: the Canyon. This full-size truck is cheap enough to pass for a regular vehicle yet still capable of towing and carrying some impressive weight. Of course, for serious towing, we'll offer you one of the Canyon's big brothers: the Sierra 1500, 2500 and 3500. If you're a pickup enthusiast with a taste for the finer things, keep an eye out for our Sierra Denali offers – these trucks combine the might of a quality pickup with all the luxury that a high-end crossover should have.

    Toyota: Last but not necessarily the least, we appreciate Toyota's bold efforts to make their name on a scene dominated by American manufacturers and we proudly offer both of their quality trucks: the smaller and more affordable Tacoma and the reinforced Tundra, both full-sized and full-featured.

    You might not expect pickup trucks to come with a lot of vehicle packages, but you'd be wrong. In fact – possibly due to the small amount of base models from each company – pickup trucks have some of the most varied packages you can find on any vehicle. This includes both the manufacturer's packages and the aftermarket ones, and you'll need to keep a close eye on what you're buying to avoid mistakes.

    For starters, look for different 'cab' packages from the manufacturer: these refer to seating capacity and comfort, with interiors of some of the more expensive versions being able to comfortably host as many as 7 individuals of average build.

    From there, you can keep an eye out for 'trims' – some manufacturers like Dodge offer their trucks in a wide variety of different looks (how stylish is the Black Ram Express, huh?) Moreover, many of our trade-in sellers altered the appearance of their pickup trucks in some way – often by adding different grilles and sides – and the price will tend to reflect this.

    Lastly, look for functional and performance upgrades. A standard pickup performance upgrade might include a boost to air intake to give more power to the engine, a better suspension kit for improved handling (especially on rough terrain) and elevation to better equip the truck for dirt expeditions. Confused? Don't worry – we'll go over every package that the truck you're looking at has and will help you understand what each upgrade brings to the table.

    CARFAX Certified Used Corvettes, Camaros, & Mustangs In San Antonio

    We'll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell the other vehicles in our inventory: the muscle cars are our favorites. There's something about them that every car enthusiast young and old can appreciate. Is it that we hear so much about imported super cars and turbo engines yet rarely see them hold a candle to American muscle designs when the going gets tough?

    Maybe. Or maybe we just have an undying affinity for the cars we grew up admiring and are now fortunate enough to deal with for a living. Whatever the case is, we hate parting ways with any muscle car under our banner and are always thrilled to get a new trade-in regardless of the exact car in question.

    Most drivers can appreciate that feeling while on the road. You know the one we mean – if you're reading this, you might experience it on a regular basis. "f I wanted to, I could leave these guys behind in the dust!"

    Having a muscle car can feel like keeping a wild beast on a leash – all that power, and yet you can rarely let it run its course. This is why many muscle car owners enjoy the occasional friendly race (or even a competitive one) – seeing the extent of what your car can do makes you appreciate it all the more.

    But we're going off on a tangent here. Let's have a look at some of the muscle cars that most commonly grace our lots:

    Chevrolet Corvette: It's like the saying goes: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." On the outside, the Corvette might look mild enough – slick and stylish, yes, but nothing to suggest its true capabilities. It's only when you step on the gas pedal that you witness the power of the engineering under the hood. If you spent the majority of your driver's life behind the wheel of compacts and hatchbacks, we can't describe what driving a Corvette for the first time is like – you'll have to try it out for yourself, and you're welcome to do so at either of our depots. Suffice to say that some Corvette models exceed 400 hp – for such a light car without excessive bulk, this is staggering (many heavy-duty pickup trucks have similar power!) Our Corvette models vary in shapes, sizes, colors, mileages and everything else you could think of. Want an older Vette to satisfy a childhood dream? No problem. Prefer a newer, race-car-looking model? We got you covered!

    Chevrolet Camaro: Chevrolet's 'other muscle car', the Camaro doesn't come far behind in capabilities or impressiveness. One thing that sets it apart is the build – it might not be completely inaccurate to say a fifth generation Camaro is to a Corvette what a pickup truck is to a sedan in terms of looks alone. Since the Corvette can be pricey – even when offered at our bargain specialty prices – looking into one of our breathtaking mint-condition Camaro muscle beasts is a great alternative if you're hungry for American power.

    Ford Mustang: A race between a Corvette and a Mustang is bound to get the whole neighborhood out into the streets. Mustang has long-been Corvette's prominent rival, and wealthy lovers of muscle engines will no doubt want to simultaneously own both at some point of their lives. Like pretty much every Ford vehicle, the Mustang boasts top-notch manufacturing and a more-than-reasonable price considering what the car offers. Mustangs have certainly come a long way – the first editions had virtually no additional features while today's models can comfortably rival some luxury sedans in terms of what the packages offer.

    Dodge Challenger: Rivaling the Corvette and the Mustang is certainly a challenge, so the Challenger's name couldn't be more apt. What we like most about this car is that it stayed true to its origins across different generations, especially in terms of appearance. Those who can't let go of the classic American muscle car look but still want something that was manufactured after their year of birth will find the Challenger to be the perfect blend of new and old.

    Dodge Charger: A muscle car that doubles up as a family sedan, the Charger has all the power of its competitors while offering the space and many amenities that a full-size sedan is expected to have. If you'd like to safely drive your family around in something that feels as if it can fly off the road at any moment or simply want a muscle car that doesn't conform to the 'coupe' look, have a look at one of our stylish Chargers.

    Dodge Viper: Ah, the Viper, Dodge's fearsome trump card. We mentioned before that some muscle cars might not necessarily look the part – the Viper most certainly does. Foreigners will often point to Dodge Viper as the best example of a powerful American vehicle: this has no doubt given rise to the stereotype that a middle-age crisis is best cured by purchasing a Viper. Regardless of your age and preferences, our Vipers will let you taste speed in all its V10-engine glory. Don't say we haven't warned you, though – many first-time Viper drivers lament that the car is too difficult to handle for beginners and needs an experienced driver who can tame the beast.

    Similar to luxury cars, the exteriors of muscle cars are scarcely modified in order to preserve their distinct appearance. Instead, the automotive packages will mainly focus on various performance and handling improvements.

    If you're a new driver or someone without much experience handling high-acceleration engines but are still looking to fill your garage with a muscle car, we urge you to get one of our vehicles outfitted with a handling package. These can consist of improved roll bars, lighter wheels and wider tires as well as better suspension technology – any one of these will help you control the car's 'kicking', especially with ultra-powerful models like the Corvette or the Viper.

    There won't be much room for a TV system in your muscle car, but you can still get a package of improved speakers that hope to out-shout the engine's impressive roaring. Another popular kit includes classic-looking seats with traditionally-curated leather – some of our customers feel that this is the perfect finishing touch to give their muscle cars 'that look'.

    And what about the hood scoop? It's simple: you either love it or you hate it. While some drivers can't imagine owning a muscle car without one, others will find it an extremely annoying sight and will prefer a vehicle without it. Our muscle cars come in both 'scooped' and scoop-less varieties – while the hood scoop will improve air flow to your engine and keep it cooler, it can also give rise to potential cleaning difficulties, meaning your aesthetic preference will likely be the deciding factor.

    CARFAX Certified Used SUVs In San Antonio

    In the market for an SUV, eh? Careful: SUV drivers sometimes get stereotyped as brash, careless or even obnoxious. We have our own stereotype for them, though: SUV drivers can appreciate safety.

    In any collision, it's no secret that an SUV will come out on top barring the presence of a monster truck, tank or a similar vehicle. Hence, many people turn to SUVs as their own personal shield whenever they're out on the road. It's reasonable – while you should always do your best to be a responsible and attentive driver, road accidents involving dozens of cars can be caused by a single individual. Why shouldn't you take a more proactive stance towards keeping your livelihood?

    In order to be marketable to the average individual, no SUV can focus on ruggedness alone. Instead, a combination of attractive traits like safety, style, engine power and interior capabilities are blended together to create what many consider the perfect vehicle.

    SUVs and their CUV cousins are definitely among our most popular vehicles, and we're always looking to increase our large roster with more quality models. If you're a trade-in seller, we'll gladly have a look at what you have and see what we can offer you. If, on the other hand, you're looking to buy, Auto Blvd LLC and Auto Blvd II have no shortage of SUV models that can last you a lifetime. Some of our top SUV brands and models are:

    • Audi: No luxury SUV enthusiast is unfamiliar with Audi's Q* line, with Q7 being the latest and most desired innovation – we strive to combat the Q* line's pricy-ness by offering them up for a bargain.
    • BMW: Like Audi, BMW pioneers a different type of SUV called CUV, short for crossover utility vehicle. These models are meant to combine the urban elegance and luxury of the 'Beemer' with everything that a full-fledged SUV offers. The result is the coveted X* line, with X6 being the top choice. It's also quite pricey, which is why your best bet is to find a used or pre-owned model in good condition.
    • Cadillac: Who doesn't want to own a Caddy? Known for their high-end luxury sedans for as long as we can remember, Cadillac continues reinventing the brand by offering two big boys for the road, both of which are often part of our inventory: the limo-esque Escalade(which is, in fact, frequently used by limousine companies) and the futuristic-looking crossover SRX.
    • Chevrolet: You can always count on these guys to manufacture quality vehicles, and their Tahoe and Suburban full-size family SUVs are a staple in our roster. They're great for strolls around the city, transportation, towing and even some light off-roading.
    • Dodge: Dodge's Durango doesn't just sound similar to Chevrolet's Camaro muscle car – the helm of many Durango models is remarkably similar to that of fifth generation Camaros. Hence, Durango can fulfill a role similar to that of the X6 by offering a luxurious exterior on top of everything else, although its off-roading capabilities are more prominent.
    • Ford: You'd be right to expect Henry to have his fingers in every facet of quality autos. Ford offers two heavyweight competitors as part of its SUV line: the large and reliable Expedition and the smaller but no-less-capable Explorer.
    • GMC: Want a Chevrolet SUV without buying a Chevrolet SUV? Our GMC SUVs and crossovers – especially their varied Yukon models – fulfill a variety of needs you could have.
    • Honda: If you always liked the 'flagship' Civic model and/or feel that many modern SUVs are too large, we're pleased to offer you one of our quality CV-Rs. This mini-tank will protect you on every journey you take without causing parking or traffic difficulties.
    • Hummer: As many recent difficulties that the Hummer company experienced, their rugged vehicles are still synonymous with having your way on the road. If you're looking for a truly deluxe SUV with extravagant options, one of our used Hummers is definitely a sound choice.
    • Jeep: As you're no doubt aware, plenty of people still refer to every SUV or crossover as a 'jeep', which speaks volumes about the company's ability to produce quality vehicles of this type. While its competitors have been getting the better of it in many areas in recent times, Jeep still offers top-notch choices for anyone who has to venture out into the dirt occasionally.
    • Mercedes: If you can afford one(and why couldn't you, if you're buying from us?), Mercedes' G/GLC/GLE-Class lines will let everyone know you have a taste for the finer things in life and aren't afraid to show it.
    • Nissan: Don't sleep on Nissan's tough-terrain solutions: between the classically-sturdy Xterra and the modern and humongous Armada and Pathfinder, you should have no trouble finding an SUV to your liking from this premium Japanese manufacturer.
    • Toyota: Did anyone say 'premium Japanese manufacturer'? Toyota really lets you pick and choose from its SUV line, which is why we're always looking to acquire more of their SUVs: go for the 4Runner if you need to do serious off-roading, the Sequoia if you're a safety-first kind of individual, the RAV4 if you're into luxury or the Land Cruiser if you're into larger luxury!
    • Volkswagen: Famous for their affordable-yet-premium sedans, VW offers two SUVs that frequently get snatched from the Auto Blvd depot: the mid-size luxury Touareg and the lil' rocker Tiguan.

    Quite the extensive list, isn't it? But even if you managed to decide on your SUV or crossover of choice, you still have to give some thought to the right vehicle packages. We'd hate to leave you feeling as if your Auto Blvd-purchased vehicle is missing something, but we'd hate it just as much if you felt that your SUV is full of features you don't really need.

    We'll work with you to find the right package for your vehicle. These are generally grouped into:

    • Visual: Different grilles, spoilers, better-looking rims...
    • Functional: Better exhaust system, 20 or 22 inch wheels elevated for off-roading or lowered for city-centric adventures, improved navigation...
    • Comfort: Entertainment system with LCD TVs, a speaker set and/or wireless headphones, better car seats, improved heating, fully-adjustable rear row of seats including an optional third row...

    The package you opt for should go in line with what you and your family need. As an example: if you're a father, buying an elevated SUV with large wheels will make way for more off-roading adventures but will also make entry difficult for your children. Our experts will go over every individual SUV's features until we can find one that fits you like a glove.

    CARFAX Certified Used Luxury Cars In San Antonio

    Oftentimes in life, it's a good idea to keep the balance of your bank account in mind. Saving money is a great way(perhaps the greatest) to guarantee a prosperous future for your family and all that good stuff. However... sometimes you have no choice but to go the other way and treat yourself to something luxurious.

    Sure, it could be a fancy watch, a great set of clothes... but what's better than your very own luxury car? The term gets thrown around a lot, and has come to mean every car with a slightly better-than-average set of features.

    When we talk about luxury cars, we focus on top-of-the-line products that are often a company's flagship model. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get a luxury car, and just as many reasons why it's a good idea to have one. For starters, their build quality will almost always be exceptional, meaning they can potentially serve you for decades without losing too much value. The safety features and superb handling will make any driving task a breeze and will make you want to hit the pedal even for the shortest of distances.

    Of course... there's also the added benefit of others seeing you in an expensive-looking vehicle. It signals success and taste and can even incite jealousy in neighbors and bystanders(not that anyone would want such a thing, of course!)

    Here's something to add, though – let's call it a trade secret. When people think about luxury cars, they're generally thinking about the retail (MSRP) price of these vehicles – a menacing six figures out of the reach of many. What most don't realize is that pre-owned and used luxury vehicles are sold for much lower than that without any real loss of purchasing appeal. Did we also mention that engines of luxury vehicles handle mileage exceptionally well on top of their first(and second) owners rarely driving them around too much?

    So what are you waiting for? Check out our inventory of prestigious luxury cars and see if there's anything that catches your eye. You never know – you might want to start a limo business some day, and your Auto Blvd-bought luxury car could end up being the first in your fleet! Our luxury brands and models include:

    Audi: Every connoisseur of luxury vehicles knows that Audi is a force to be reckoned with. Few other brands say 'German excellence' as loudly, and you'll definitely brighten up your parking lot or garage with one of their stylish cars. For entry-level luxury, consider a newer model of the A4 or even one with a 1.9 TDI engine – they're low on gas consumption, recognizable and very receptive to all sorts of mods. If you're looking to move up in the corporate chain, how about the famous A8 limousine? This is the very car that action hero Jason Statham uses in his Transporter movies to pull off all kinds of stunts – while we definitely advise against attempting some of his feats, an Audi A8 is sure to let others know you've made it and aren't afraid to show it without being too loud and over-the-top. Still not enough? Try getting your hands on one of our R8 models – these cars have all the power of a jet plane while looking that much better. Be careful, though – you'll be tempted to hit the gas and leave others behind more often than might be prudent.

    Aston Martin: How could we mention action movie heroes without saying a few things about James Bond and his vehicle of choice throughout the years? Anything that's good for the international man of mystery should be good for the average citizen. Due to their exclusivity, Aston Martin cars aren't that easy to come by or even see out on the streets, but we still managed to get our hands on a couple of them. If you can afford one of the DB or Vantage models we have on sale, you'll know why the world's most famous secret agent chose this car over all the others.

    Bentley: If you can set aside enough money to purchase a pre-owned Bentley Continental – even at our attractive prices – you should consider yourself lucky, as many consider this to be the world's premier line of executive cars. Be careful where you park it, though – the car is sure to attract some spiteful onlookers on a regular basis.

    BMW: BMW is one brand that's not hard to find in every part of the globe – for many years, the company has managed to balance affordability and luxury with impressive results. Out of the numerous 'Beemer' models we can offer you, we'd like to highlight the 3 and 5-series as our best sellers – the latter being more expensive than the former and with a distinct 'executive' feel to it. If you're out for something with a bit more muscle on the outside, consider the CUV X* line that comes off as a very handsome child of a Jeep and an M5.

    Cadillac: Want to support our industry without making any sacrifices in terms of prestige? 'Caddy' is your answer. If you're lucky, we might be able to offer you an older version with the extremely iconic look that built the company. If not, tough – you'll have to satisfy yourself with the modern CTS sports limousine or a gritty-yet-glossy Escalade SUV. Not bad for a consolation prize, right?

    Mercedes: The company with the widest roster of luxury cars, Mercedes-Benz has a little something for everyone. How about a model from the rugged and affordable E-Class, especially one from a newer year with its very prominent front logo? We also have quite a few of the 'truer' executive S-Class models that are considered to be the company's pride. The 'rapper's favorite' G-Class SUV is also worth mentioning – loud and expensive, but with a design and capabilities that warrant Hall of Fame status.

    Choosing the right package for your luxury car isn't easy for more than one reason. For starters, many consider it a sin to modify the iconic exterior appearance of these cars, choosing instead to limit their alterations to the interior. Hence, you will have to know what to look for – don't worry, Auto Blvd is here to help you with that.

    Furthermore, every luxury car already has a set of 'luxurious' features – how to tell one from the other? In general, keep an eye out for two things:

    1. Performance-related upgrades, especially those relating to the engine. For example, BMW offers performance versions of their standard *-series vehicles with an 'M' prefix – if you're looking at an M3 or an M5, you'll know that the car has quite a bit more kick to it. The same goes for Mercedes' AMG vehicles – a car with this designation might look the same as others but still end up being too powerful for inexperienced drivers.
    2. Interior design, both visual and functional. The materials used in the interior of luxury vehicles can vary by a surprising amount, from seating made from regular fiber to that wrapped in high-quality leather, often colored, and from plastic to expensive wooden finishes. Additionally, higher-end luxury models will have additional air bags, better heating, improved sound speakers and sometimes even a DVD system complete with LCD screens. These features will add to the price quite a bit, so picking a model without them is a good way to save some money.

    CARFAX Certified Used Cars and Family Sedans In San Antonio

    Our widest category, and one that is most difficult to define: cars and family sedans. What's an auto salesman to do when a customer says: "I just want a decent car?" Well, presenting them to the extensive Auto Blvd roster of coupes, station wagons, hatchbacks and sedans is a good starting point.

    When talking with these types of clients, we'll try to keep it simple while still getting as much info as possible. What will they be using the car for? How many family members will drive in it together? How's the potential owner's knowledge of car faults and their ability to perform minor repairs? We'll also judge the client's appearance to try and guess the car that would be most appealing to them – call us judgmental, but this method works!

    If you're part of a one or two-person household, or if the car you're getting is the family's second or third, you can buy closer to your heart's desire without worrying too much about the car's options. A stylish coupe (two doors) is a sound option – it's smaller, cheaper and oftentimes quicker.

    If you and your family travel a lot, you'll probably want to consider a station wagon. These cars sacrifice a bit of their appearance to have a greatly-expanded trunk that can be boosted further through one of several means. Still, many people find even top-notch station wagons unattractive and will insist on getting a sedan instead.

    Sedans, especially family ones, are the all-around choice, which is also why they're the most difficult to pick. We've all seen the commercials, haven't we? No matter the car in question, the family is happier-than-ever to be driving it. How can we know which smiles are fake and funded by advertiser dollars? Simple – we talk to people with experience. Whenever we're taking a trade-in car, we'll talk to its owner and inquire about his or her subjective feedback. Afterwards, we'll have an expert assess the car and see what's good and what's bad. Once we have a good idea of what the vehicle feels like, we're confident in our ability to recommend it to the right buyers. Here are some popular cars and family sedans we frequently work with:

    Cadillac: A Caddy for the everyman? It's been made possible thanks to industrialization. Our STS/XTS sedans are a bit pricier than a lot of their competition, but very few American citizens won't find the price justified considering the brand.

    Chevrolet: Chevrolet might be moving away from muscle cars and into sedan territory, but that doesn't mean its cars are any less powerful – our SS models feature over 400 hp, which might be too much for some families to handle. For something tamer but no less attractive, consider an Impala. You never know – you might luck out and find that old timer Impala you've been dreaming of in one of our depots! There's also the compact best-buy Aveo to consider.

    Chrysler: There's no shortage of quality Chrysler vehicles – it's all about how much you're willing to spend. For smaller families, the 200 mid-size will be a great lifetime choice. For larger ones, the end-of-the-line 300 will let your neighbors know how well you take care of your own. If you'd like a timeless and iconic design, consider one of our pre-owned PT Cruisers that pass every task with flying colors.

    Ford: As you might have expected, Ford isn't lacking in affordable 'plain old car' models that are built to last: from our ultra-maneuverable Fiestas to the all-purpose Focus hatchbacks all the way to our attractive mid-sized Fusion, we're always prepared to cater to Ford enthusiasts.

    Honda: If you're looking for a good mixture of quality and affordability, Honda isn't about to disappoint any time soon. The Japanese manufacturer's Civic model is nearing legend status thanks to its impeccable reliability and low price – if you'd like a decent all-around hatchback without emptying your savings account, a newer Civic will be a decent choice. Honda Fit is another small car that can serve an entire family for a long time without eating too much fuel. If you need something more spacious, consider any Accord model from the last decade – this large sedan looks slick enough to compete in a beauty pageant while having all the room a family and its pets could ever want.

    Hyundai: Trailing Honda in terms of cost-effectiveness is Hyundai and its line of affordable family vehicles. This manufacturer gets bad rep sometimes over its cars supposedly not being up to the highest standards of quality. While we can't speak for every single Hyundai ever built, we know that their Accent line is decent and affordable regardless of the year of manufacture. Think of it as the company's main car, coming in both hatchback and sedan varieties depending on your stylistic preferences. For more style, opt for a Sonata sedan: these mid-size all-purpose cars have been in production since the mid-80s, although most of the models we offer are a fair bit newer.

    Infiniti: Expecting any car to last infinitely is a tall order, but Infiniti's cars have just as good of a chance as their competitors. The main Infiniti sedan is the Q50 – it's been called the Japanese answer to BMW's 3-series, and with good reason. The Q50S is among the most luxurious sedans we sell and is certainly worth getting even if you're not familiar with the manufacturer.

    Lexus and Toyota: Toyota is well-known in the automotive world, as are their high-end Lexus vehicles. If you don't have the biggest budget in the world, consider Toyota's mid-size Camry sedan – for those with more spending money, there's the full-size luxurious Avalon. If you can afford to spend even more, we have a number of superb Lexus IS models – the 350 in particular – that will improve your quality of life significantly.

    Volkswagen: The so-called king of the middle class, VW heads have managed to continue reinventing their brand over the years, pushing the boundaries and ensuring that there's a Volkswagen for everyone. From the ultra-affordable and near-indestructible Golf hatchback to the full-size Passat sedan or station wagon, VW is sure to impress you and your family with their build quality and range of features.

    While vehicle packages may be an afterthought when buying a different type of vehicle, you'll want to pay close attention to your family sedan's features regardless of the brand you choose.

    If you have children, make sure to keep an eye out for the car's air conditioning and heating – you don't want your youngsters melting or freezing during those longer rides. More luxurious sedan models will come with heated seats – this is definitely a big plus and something that parents should strongly consider. The same models might also have a system of entertainment revolving around a DVD player, durable LCD screens and quality sound – if you can afford it, this should keep your kids occupied and off your back while you're driving.

    Lastly, keep an eye out for space in the back. If you and your family are frequently traveling across long distances, consider a station wagon even if you don't like their appearance – it will greatly increase available trunk space. If you're going all-purpose, make sure to opt for one of our vehicles with fully-foldable back seats – this can transform your station wagon or hatchback into a mini-pickup in a time of need.

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