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    We consider each and every vehicle we sell to be a great deal – aside from a quality guarantee, each individual price is carefully determined so that both our sellers and customers can feel like they got a bargain.

    But sometimes, we strive to go even further with our offerings of sweet deals to our clients. Call us crazy or overly-altruistic, but one thing's for sure – our specials are here to stay.

    If you ever got caught up in the world of used and pre-owned cars, you've no doubt learned that it's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Everyone aside from Jay Leno could use a new car, and even he goes out and gets a new ride to add to his hundred-some collection every now and then. If there's a good deal going on, someone is going to snatch it eventually, which is why you have to stay vigilant and constantly on the lookout until you can park something satisfactory in your garage.

    To make your deal-scanning easier, we came up with a special deals model our customers can't get enough of. Every day, we will put something new and exciting up for grabs at a discount and wait for our buyers to grab it in what can seem like a matter of seconds. By browsing through our daily deals, you'll get a handle on what's hot on the used car market and stand a good chance of snatching it before others do. If you happened to miss out on a deal and feel bad for it, don't – there's always tomorrow to look forward to, as our vehicle repertoire is ever-increasing and the number of our specialty vehicles blows up in proportion.

    In general, though, you can expect our specialty vehicle deals to fall in one of two categories: muscle cars or SUVs. That's a lot of horsepower in just a few words – we hope you can handle it!

    Flexing your muscles... at a discount?

    Muscle cars are a real automotive gem and it almost pains us to put them up at a discount, let alone do so on a regular basis. Still, we do it for our customers, and while it isn't easy to part ways with any of our muscle beasts for a fraction of what they're really worth, we know that they're being placed in good hands.

    The muscle cars we put up for bargain prices can vary greatly in terms of mileage, engine type, brand, model and year of manufacture. All of them have one thing in common, however: they're bound to make you look good and feel even better for a long time to come. In fact, we can only think of one reason why you'd ever want to part ways with your Auto Blvd LLC and Auto Blvd II-bought muscle car – all that power got to be a bit much for you, and you'd rather settle down with something that's less on the wild side. If that happens, we won't hold it against you!

    Every car enthusiast and anyone with a keen interest in vehicles will tell you one thing: muscle cars are worth having. They're known for their amazing top speeds and powerful acceleration, but they have a lot more going for them – the build quality of each individual part is something worth admiring. While some cars feel rushed and as if they were manufactured with a tight schedule(none of the ones we sell, though!), it's clear that a lot of attention goes into every muscle car that makes its way out of the factory. As a result, these cars are famously void of defects and are nearly impossible to fall under the feared 'lemon' designation.

    In line with this, every year seems to be the year of muscle cars – while other vehicle types are susceptible to 'bad years' or even bad stretches(during which the manufacturing quality seems to fall off considerably), muscle cars seem to never lose their all-around solid status. In fact, these cars take it a step further – many models from several decades ago are still able to rival contemporary vehicles in performance, aesthetics and appearance. We'd much rather keep the older muscle cars we put up as specials for ourselves, but since we are a car dealership and all, we have no choice but to bid them goodbye.

    "Give us even more hot deals!"

    The other part of our dynamic specials duo consists of the mighty SUVs. Really, who couldn't use a new SUV? These vehicles offer a lot for the price and are popular with a wide variety of individuals, from accountants to outdoorsmen and from youngsters to seniors.

    SUVs are a great investment however you look at it – the ones we sell are of exceptional quality and are known to carry their weight in any environment on top of enduring the test of time. Don't worry about the "any environment" bit there, though – you don't need to be an off-road specialist to justify getting an SUV. Heck, you don't even need a particular reason to want one – the discounts we offer should be motivation enough!

    But, if you're getting picky, how do you like the sounds of added comfort and safety – roomy and customizable on the inside while being built like a tank on the outside? Can't say no to that! Still, count on our SUVs being a fair bit more attractive than your standard-issue tank – many of them can easily rival luxury cars in elegance and style.

    Between our muscle car and SUV offers, you should have no trouble finding something to your liking. Not just that – a friend or family member could end up thanking you for years to come after letting them know about that unique muscle car or that bargain-priced quality SUV. Don't believe us when we say our deals are that good? Feel free to check them out and see for yourself! Be sure to keep checking, too, as we'll keep posting attractive new cars under specialty discounts until we run out of vehicles – considering the factories are churning out more cars than ever, this shouldn't be an issue any time soon.

    CarFax Certified Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs

    Here is an in-depth look into some of our specialty vehicles – for more information, you are welcome to get in touch with us directly whenever you find suitable.

    Chevy Corvettes

    We could hardly call ourselves vendors of muscle cars without offering the timelessly-powerful Chevrolet Corvette as part of our regular inventory as well as one of our specialty vehicles. Chevrolet has no shortage of quality cars, but many feel that the Corvette tops them all – getting a 'Vette' manufactured at any point during the last few decades could truly be called the purchase of your lifetime.

    So, what does the Corvette have going for it, and why should you want it over some of the competitors? We know, we know – you're not really asking that if you have any amount of fondness towards muscle cars, as you can't say 'American muscle engine' without saying Corvette. Still, we'll do General Motors a favor and advertise a product that hardly ever needed advertising.

    As you're probably aware, the Corvette is fast. In fact, every Corvette ever made dating back to the 50s is fast. So fast, in fact, that this model often rivals classification. Is it a muscle car, a supercar, a bird or a plane? We know one thing for sure – we like it, and so do our customers!

    Offering discounts on one of the most popular cars in American history might not seem like a good business practice, but we still do it, if just for the heck of it. Besides, we like seeing what's lower: the Corvette's warp-drive speed of 3-4 seconds from 0-60 or the amount it takes for our specialty Corvettes to disappear from the shelves once we put them up at a discount. So far, the battle is dead even!

    If you're buying a Corvette, we hope that you plan on driving it for a long time. We can't imagine a lot of situations where this car might let you down and leave you wanting a different one – offroading, perhaps? If you buy a Corvette model today, with proper maintenance, you can fully expect it to be an awesome gift for your son (or daughter!) twenty years from now – they'll thank you for it and call you the best parent ever. Can you say the same for any other purchase?

    Before you pass your Corvette along, though, you'll definitely want to get some driving in. In our specialty Corvettes, every trip will feel like going to Heaven – from a round-the-block stop to a cross-county journey, the Corvette will be the best companion you could have hoped for.

    If you're reading this, chances are you already have your ideal Vette model in mind. In fact, we'd wager you spent quite a few hours of your life imagining yourself in this vehicle, riding along a highroad and perhaps stepping on the gas pedal more generously than you ought to. The specialty Corvette we're offering today or tomorrow might not be the exact Vette from your fantasies, but what can we do? All that we can do is promise to keep offering bargain-price Corvettes until the right one for you shows up under the spotlight. When it does, you'll have to be swift – blame the Vette's status as an American icon for the car perpetually disappearing from the shelves in both new and used dealerships. Things get even uglier in a Black Friday sense when we put up a Corvette at a low price for no other reason than to give people a good deal – we can only hope you're quicker than the car you're trying to buy!

    Jokes aside, it pays to keep an eye out for our specialty deals if you have a fondness for one of our nation's most beloved treasures. Some people are frightened by an engine whose baby models have upwards of 300 hp – if you're not part of this timid group, we can certainly offer something to your liking. From older to newer models and from coupes to convertibles, coming in all sorts of different colors, everyone can find a Vette for themselves. Some of them carry a few mods, but don't hope for too many modifications – nobody wants to ruin perfection, and the Corvette's vanilla appearance and performance come dangerously close to it.

    In short, if you want a reliable car with an evergreen value and an ever-present ability to leave others behind in the dust, the Corvette is your girl. Well, she's more of a woman, but you get the picture. If you'd like all that with an affordable price tag that subverts the Corvette's infamous priciness, keep checking our specialties daily!

    Chevy Camaros

    Think of the Camaro as the Corvette's big brother – if you were mean to Vette during recess, prepare to have the Camaro deal with you with extreme prejudice. Well, that's not too accurate of a metaphor for one reason alone: 'Vette' often manages to outperform the Camaro in terms of 0-60, post-60 acceleration and top speed. So how can the Camaro be called its big brother?

    Appearance probably has something to do with it. While the Corvette is slick, lean and streamlined, the Camaro looks like it's been spending extra time in the gym. For all of the features and performance that separate cars from one another, an overwhelming amount of buyers will still choose their car based on one primary thing: appearance.

    We kept this in mind when creating our specialty deals – the Camaro makes the rounds just as often as the Corvette does. Over the years, Camaro underwent just as radical of a transformation as the Corvette, but with one key difference: there is little consensus as to which Corvette model is the best-looking, with users generally preferring either mid-70s or late-fourth and early-fifth generation models. With the Camaro, though, the fifth-generation visual overhaul that the renowned muscle car got was very well-received, creating an iconic look that has been selling hot for the past five years.

    If you're in love with the Camaro, you probably want a fifth generation model and will settle for nothing less. Unfortunately, these are the ones we get rid of most often, as demand has been going steady ever since Chevy remodeled the car. If you're wanting to get your low-price 2010s Camaro from our specialty deals, we hope vigilance is your forte!

    Speaking of price, affordability might be what the Camaro has going for it most – aside from the iconic fifth generation look that exudes strength and elegance and the fearsome power to boot, of course. If you're unwilling or unable to afford a Corvette, the Camaro will act as an ideal second choice and stands to serve you just as well as the years go by. But if you can actually manage to snatch a recent model from our specialty offering, you'll truly learn what it means to get the most bang for your buck.

    As you might expect from a Chevy-built muscle car, the Camaro is no short-term wonder – the build quality is exceptional and the car will easily hold its weight well into the next decade. While our older Camaro models are just as appealing – especially if you're able to get one at a specialty discount – a 2010s model has the added benefit of a guarantee to remain contemporary. Why? Chevrolet already announced what the sixth generation Camaro will look like, and it's looking a lot like its predecessor.

    While we said that the Corvette is a more powerful vehicle – and we meant it – the Camaro doesn't lag far behind. In fact, lag is hardly a word you'll ever want to use when describing this muscle car. Do you enjoy taking your friends out to the strip and seeing whose car is the fastest? Well, if you're buying the Camaro, prepare for a 'no contest' in every future racing session. Unless their rides are heavily souped up, get ready for your stock Camaro to blast through the finish line.

    But the Camaro wouldn't be such a popular vehicle if it was built for racing only – although it's more than capable of doing so – and we wouldn't find ourselves with a constant shortage of it even in the absence of specialty deals. If you like driving with authority, the rugged Camaro will deliver and then some – regardless of your appearance, being seen in a Camaro will give you that 'bad dude' (or dudette) aura, especially if you can handle its massive horsepower.

    Handling is another thing worth mentioning. True, the Camaro is larger and less maneuverable than the Corvette and will definitely give you a harder time whenever you're trying to squeeze into a tight parking slot. Yet during the test drive, many of our customers report that the car handles surprisingly well for such a menacing often times-V8 engine. It could be the car's tamer-in-comparison history or different steering technologies, but one thing is for sure – Chevrolet has another winner, and it's a dream to drive in.

    Ford Mustangs

    The above makes it seem as if Chevrolet is running a monopoly on the muscle car market. While the quality and style of the Corvette and the Camaro might give way to such a thought, rest assured that Henry Ford, in all his seemingly-endless business acumen, has an answer. We're talking, of course, about none other than Ford's immortal Mustang.

    If you're an American citizen, you know about the Mustang and what it can do. We'll even venture far enough to say you've dreamt of owning one at some point of your life. What better way to make your dream a reality than through our specialty Mustang deals regularly available at our dealerships?

    Why the Mustang and not its Chevrolet cousins? Well, we already mentioned car users frequently buy cars based on 'feel' alone – a certain model simply calls out to them and they have to get it. It's almost as if the cars command a supernatural influence – this is why we love our jobs! Few other cars on the American market command said influence more than the Mustang. They'll tell you it's a pony, but you know better – it's a tried-and-true muscle car for the ages. It's been incredibly popular ever since it went off the assembly line, although it would not yet enjoy the status of a legend that it does today.

    The fortunate among us were driving a Mustang in college or even way back in high school. The not-so-fortunate, however, might still be dropping coins in the piggy bank hoping to buy one of these fancy cars sometime in the future. Well, we're happy to fast forward your savings schedule and offer you attractive Mustangs at a discount that will practically force you to get one! You could say we have a thing for letting people drive the car they've always wanted.

    Sure enough, the Mustang is fairly expensive – some collector's pieces easily go past a million dollars on auctions. While nowhere near as expensive, a brand-new or even used Mustang is still too much for many, which is why we decided to offer it up as part of our specialty deals. As with the Corvette and the Camaro, selling an American icon way under its price doesn't come easy to us, but we still do it out of love for our customers.

    And what can be said about the Mustang's performance and design that hasn't been made apparent over the years as the car established itself as the working man's powerhouse? If you compare the latest generation of Mustangs with the latest generation of Camaros, you'll notice a distinct similarity in appearance. It's no coincidence – the Camaro is but one out of many so-called 'pony' or muscle cars that the Mustang inspired. This doesn't mean that the Camaro is any less of an original and ingenious design, but some might feel more comfortable getting 'the car that started it all'. While both cars have changed over the years, it's not hard to agree that the Mustang's visuals were more appealing during each individual step of the way – this is why we're proud to offer Mustang cars from various eras depending on what our customers have in mind when they're thinking of their perfect car.

    Explaining why the Mustang remains such a vaunted performance car would take more than a few paragraphs. Would it be okay to say it simply goes very fast and reaches such speeds before you even realize what's happening? With over 300-400 hp crammed into what can easily pass into a family car, the Mustang is great for quick bursts around the city, limit-testing on the highway or simply showing your friends what a genuine muscle design from our soil can do.

    The Mustang has evolved over the years, going back and forth between less power and more features and vice-versa. Our Mustang cars have a perfect combination of these factors – many are equipped with various packages that make any sort of contact with the gas pedal enjoyable while staying a force to be reckoned with. Have a look through our inventory – you can choose a more family-oriented Mustang or one whose focus is rocket-testing on the road. Whatever your choice, you can rest easy knowing that your Mustang will stay in great condition with minimal maintenance and will still be a hot item thirty years from now when we're all driving flying cars (which we'll be selling, of course).


    Simply put, SUVs are value vehicles – they're a good purchase no matter the size of your family, the environment you're in and the amount of credit in your bank. When you apply our specialty discount to one of these big babies, though, they become a must-get for anyone looking to have a vehicle that lets its owner feel like the king of the road.

    We offer quite a few muscle cars as part of our specialty deals – you didn't think the case would be different with SUVs, did you? Our range of SUV and CUV vehicles was constructed with every type of customer in mind – considering the feedback, we'd say we're doing something right.

    Looking for a reliable, all-purpose SUV? Think about getting one of our specialty Chevrolet Tahoes. The Tahoe's 'chin' looks like it can take a punch, and looks don't deceive – this is an extremely safe vehicle that doesn't sacrifice style or substance one bit to get its notably-sturdy exterior. If you'd like something similar yet still different enough to be unique, consider one of our discounted GMC Yukons. Many consider Tahoe's 'sibling' to be a slightly more aesthetic version of the same SUV while others will swear they're the same. Generally, our Yukons will have a bit more features to them, but both are terrific full-size SUVs that fill a wide range of roles.

    Not content with going with the flow? Try checking out a Toyota 4Runner from our specialty inventory. The 4Runner doesn't have as much size as some of our other SUVs, but this will rarely be an issue unless you're transporting some 10 people on a regular basis. One look at the 4Runner will make you think „This guy can handle some dirt!“, and you'll be right in your assessment – this 4x4 from Toyota was clearly built with serious off-roading capabilities and handles more-difficult terrain admirably.

    Another prize winner from Toyota – and one we're happy to offer at a discount – is the menacing-yet-mild Sequoia. As its name might suggest, Sequoia is meant to act the part of a big, immovable, tough-as-nails tree that shields you and your family from harm. Well, it will move, but only when you ask it to! We mentioned that the 4Runner might not be all that welcoming to a group of 10 people – there are no such issues with the mighty Sequoia, as the company's biggest SUV can often feel more like a bus than a city car. Aside from generous off-roading capabilities, the powerful engine will also make towing a breeze and will make you want to get that boat you've had your eye on.

    Still not convinced to snatch one of our SUVs at a discount? Maybe Toyota's old-made-new Suburban is more to your fancy. The fact that this SUV has been in production since the 30s definitely speaks to its quality and long-lasting appeal to customers. Don't worry – our Suburbans are state-of-the-art and equipped with all of the features you and your family could need to feel safe and comfortable. Don't buy into its name too much – while the Suburban is a great family vehicle that handles the inner city well, it's just as capable of cross-city adventures and even some wild rides.

    Luxury SUVs sometimes get a bad name – for example, certain users will criticize CUVs as not being able to fulfill the role of an off-roader that handles difficult terrain. Well, GMC's Denali is one luxury SUV that fights back criticism and comes out on top. This 'offshoot' of the Yukon boasts more towing and mud-escaping capabilities while also having an interior (and sometimes exterior) that more closely resembles a luxury vehicle. Unfortunately, Denalis are known to often carry a hefty price tag – did we mention we put them up at a discount every so often?

    No matter the SUV you end up choosing, you can fully expect it to come with an Auto Blvd guarantee – no flaws, no issues, and a reliable ride during any time of the year. If you ever wanted to make the transition from a tame-looking sedan to an SUV with double the size and capabilities, there's no better way to do it than by locking one of our specialty deals in.

    Like with muscle cars, our specialty SUVs come and go, but you can count on one thing: they'll keep coming for as long as we have cars to sell! If you can't afford a regular-price pre-owned SUV and the one you want isn't on discount right now, keep looking – it's Christmas year-round at Auto Blvd, and you never know what Santa might have in store for you: it could be the exact model you and your family have long been wanting!