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Don't trust just any used car dealership in San Antonio. Auto Blvd LLC and Auto Blvd II are trusted by people just like you in San Antonio and the surrounding areas to find a CarFax Certified used car, truck, or SUV. These are real reviews, by real people who purchased their vehicles from us. So when you purchase your next pre-owned vehicle from Auto Blvd, you know you are getting a great vehicle at a great price - CarFax Certified!

CarFax Certified Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs In San Antonio, TX

carfax reports auto blvd llc san antonio txWhat's the deal with used cars, anyway? Isn't it better to just shell out a couple extra dollars and buy a new vehicle you know you can rely on? And what about the horror stories we've all heard of used vehicles with histories that are unappealing to say the least?

Hold on. Buying used vehicles doesn't have to be unpleasant, frightening or tedious – not when you're working with us. Your experience with pre-owned vehicles will vary largely based on the used auto seller you're doing business with. Sure enough, there's plenty of people out there who want to sell a vehicle full of issues to a confused buyer and get a lot more cash than they ought to, but we're not them and neither are any of our trade-in sellers.

To fill our lots, we focus on another large group of vehicle owners: those with a car, truck or SUV in good condition who have gotten bored of it and would like to trade it in for a good deal. These are the people we connect to our beloved buyers: you. Hence, when you're buying a vehicle from us, you won't have to worry about the wheels coming off as soon as you take it out for a ride through the city (or the woods). Our vehicles come with a CarFax guarantee, too, so you'll always know exactly what you're buying.

For our customers' convenience, we run two different locations in San Antonio, Texas, each filled to the brim with top-notch vehicles in near-mint condition that are sure to make your neighbors jealous – one is on the I-35 near Converse and the other is on San Pedro Ave, closer to downtown if you don't feel like hitting the highway to get some good deals.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check our huge inventory of attractive pre-owned vehicles, both domestic and imported – we guarantee a few of them will catch your eye in no time.

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Why should I trust Auto Blvd when searching for a used vehicle in San Antonio?

auto blvd llc used vehicle in san antonio trucks suvs carfax checkedWe've been in the business for a while, but our mission never changed – providing quality vehicles to the people who need them. The new car market is booming, but the used car one isn't going anywhere either – there will never be a shortage of folks who want to pay half, a third or even a quarter of a vehicle's price without sacrificing quality. We find this entirely reasonable and build our business on it!

Thanks to our years of experience, we know what works and what doesn't. We love our customers, but we're not really looking to see them again after they drove off with one of our great vehicles – not unless they're looking to buy another one! To guarantee customer satisfaction, each of our used vehicles is examined by expert buyers who know what to look for. When someone commissions us to sell their car, they're not going to sneak one in on us. From engine issues to cigarette drops that created a minor mark on the leather, we'll know everything there is to know about the car before we put it up for display, and it'll show in the report, too.

That's right – to prove we're not just talking a big game and not backing it up, all of our cars come with a detailed CarFax report that will prove we're selling exactly as advertised. Shady dealings aren't our thing – the vehicles we sell aren't transparent, but we'll present them as such to our customers.

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What's a CarFax report and why is it critical when buying a used vehicle?

carfax report used vehicles san antonio texas auto blvdQuite a few of our customers aren't familiar with CarFax reports and their importance in any used-car business transaction. No problem – we're happy to explain why we insist on having these on every single car we sell.

Think of a CarFax report as a vehicle's background check. When a government institution runs a check on a person, numerous records pop up – education, past employment, medical history, criminal records and so on. CarFax reports are similarly detailed, except they deliver information about a vehicle.

A CarFax report is the only way to know what you're really buying and should be utilized by every used auto dealership. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, which has lead to quite a few disgruntled customers of pre-owned vehicles over the years and has no doubt fueled some of the horror stories we mentioned above.

CarFax reports tell you everything you could want to know about a vehicle and more. Has the car been in an accident that was later covered up at an auto repair shop? No problem – the CarFax report will detail what happened and how it affected the vehicle (and how it might still be). Has someone tampered with the odometer, resulting in a deceivingly low mileage? CarFax will list the odometer's inspections by the DMV and will shed light on any foul play. Was the car bought at a junk yard or a similar place through an auction and later re-sold as store-bought? You'll know as soon as you read the report.

These are just some of the most common issues that used cars can have – all of these and more are fully covered by every CarFax report. Each report of an individual car will also list plain information regarding the vehicle as well as any flaws it might have had when it was first shipped.

If someone is trying to get you to buy a used car without a CarFax report, don't – no reputable pre-owned car salesman would engage in such shenanigans.

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How about sellers – can you tell me the value of my trade-in vehicle?

trade in vehicle auto blvd llc san antonio texasWhile buyers drive our business (no pun intended), sellers are just as important – they're the ones providing us with the vehicles for our sweet deals. If you're looking to get a good value for your trade-in vehicle and want to sell it to someone who will take good care of it, you've come to the right place. We promise not to rip you off, as we'll sell the car exactly for what it's worth – of course, this can either be a good or a bad thing for you.

We can't tell you how much your trade-in vehicle is worth without performing a detailed inspection first. Numerous factors can either increase or decrease the ultimate price of your trade-in, and they're far too numerous to cover in a short summary.

For example, having a better-than-standard vehicle package will often make the price higher. If you aren't aware of the package that your vehicle has, don't worry – we'll let you know the cold hard truth. Of course, this goes the other way, too – any issues with your vehicle, even those you don't know of, could play the price down and make it less than you hoped for. We have an obligation to look out for our buyers, and we will only sell vehicles with an open-book report and at their realistic price.

If your car has been in an accident, it's going to show in our CarFax report and will likely lower the price even if you had everything fixed. The same goes for minor issues that the vehicle could have as well. Is it harder to close one or more doors, requiring you to slam them in? This will take a notch off the vehicle's final price. Are there stains, rips or tears on the seating? Unless you replace it, expect us to have to lower the price to match the vehicle's appearance.

To give you a general idea of what your vehicle might be worth, you can check out Kelley Blue Book ( Search for your exact car model, including the year and mileage in your query – the prices you see there might very well reflect what we can offer you. On the other hand, your vehicle could be either better or worse off than the ones you're comparing it to, often without you realizing – only when we inspect it can you know its real value. Rest assured, though, that the price we offer will be all-inclusive and up to market standards – ripping people off isn't a good way to stay in business for as long as we have.

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What about my credit – is it good enough to purchase a vehicle from you?

car financing auto blvd llc san antonio texas bad credit good creditThe short answer is: yes, it is. We deal with customers regardless of their credit status, and we will work with your bank to find a solution that works for you.

Is your credit in good condition? Great – sign the papers and hit the gas pedal. But what about no credit, or worse yet, bad credit? Times are tough all around, and we get that – we're not about to cut you off from a deal just because your credit has seen better days. In fact, we help many of our customers get financing from a bank when they don't know the first thing about car loans nor how to convince a bank to give them one – it's all part of our job description.

We'll get in touch with your bank and see what they have to say. In the majority of cases, we're able to reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved – us, you and your bank. If you have negative credit, expect us to take a little while longer before we can get you that green light, as there's always a bit of negotiation involved when looking to ensure everyone ends up feeling satisfied. If you are a truly interested customer, we can offer to reserve the car you're looking at for you while we're in talks with your bank – we don't want you feeling as if you missed out on the deal of a lifetime while we were dealing with the paperwork.

Every used car is highly specific – the perfect pre-owned car for you might not be around next month, next week or even tomorrow. By the time you get your credit in order, you might no longer have the opportunity to buy your heart's desire: the perfect vehicle for you and your family that could serve you for decades. Depriving our customers of their heart's desire definitely doesn't sound like our idea of a good time – if you have bad credit but still want a vehicle we're selling, don't hesitate to reach out to us and present your case. More than likely, you'll end up with the vehicle you wanted and a payment plan tailored for your benefit.

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Help with purchasing pre-owned vehicles

Used Cars And Family Sedans

used cars family sedans auto blvd llc auto blvd II san antonio texasBuying the right family sedan is tricky. In fact, it's often the trickiest purchase that a family can make due to the variety of interests needing to be served. The husband wants something powerful and slick-looking, the wife prefers something feature-rich and light on the driver, the kids want a spacy interior they can play in... Balancing the interests of the whole family and finding the perfect vehicle is a delicate task, but it's also one we're fully prepared to help you with.

A good family sedan should be able to serve you for decades, which can be a tall order when dealing with used cars. Fortunately, our used cars withstand the test of time just as well as their fresh-out-of-the-store counterparts do. When buying a family sedan, mileage should be a primary concern as it's going to play a big part in how much servicing the car will need. Constant car repairs aren't in many a family's budget, and we'll do everything we can to outfit you with a vehicle that takes care of itself.

Another reason why mileage upon purchase is so important is that the family sedan gets driven around a lot. Multiple family members with driver's licenses and each with their own destinations can rack up the odometer quickly and cause you a headache if you weren't careful. Hence, when buying this type of car, you should ask how well it handles big numbers on the odometer and how often it breaks down from constant use. We've all heard tales of reliable cars admirably handling 500,000-600,000 miles on the odometer without losing grace, but there's no reason to push your luck – not when our repertoire of vehicles is so large and accommodating.

If you aren't strictly buying a family vehicle but instead want a plain old vehicle to serve you well, similar rules apply – will it be in driving condition a decade from now? Nice-looking exteriors are great, but reliability should be your key concern with these purchases – make sure to closely examine the CarFax report of whichever vehicle you're considering for any history of malfunctions or factory defects.

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Used Trucks

used trucks auto blvd llc san antonio ford f150 chevy silvarado dodge ramWhen it's truckin' time, we're proud to present our collection of high-powered reliable pickups to our working customers in need of a vehicle to handle heavy loads. Because of their size and stature, pickup trucks command authority whenever they set out to the road – with our help, your truck will be just as imposing under the hood as it is on the outside.

If you're purchasing a truck, there's a good chance you intend to use it for business ventures. More often than not, these ventures will involve heavy, often multi-ton loads being hauled on a regular basis, daily or even hourly. Needless to say, the truck you're buying should be in prime condition and ready to handle a beating and keep on ticking – luckily, all Auto Blvd trucks fit this description to a T.

When looking to buy a pre-owned truck, always ask what its previous owners used it for. Ideally, you'll want a powerful pickup that was never (or rarely) used to its full capacity, although this isn't always an option – if the truck was strained, make sure it handled the load well by checking the CarFax report for any breakdowns and unplanned servicing.

Another thing you'll want to keep an eye out for are the brakes – trucks are one type of vehicle on which you don't want to see these life-savers malfunctioning. A truck with a history of troublesome brakes or braking incidents probably means you should keep looking. Other things to keep an eye out for are fuel consumption with and without heavy loads as well as the truck's ability to handle different terrains.

Lastly, have a good idea of what you'll need the truck for and buy accordingly. Don't buy too large just because you enjoy attending monster truck shows – you'll spend more money, waste more gas and always feel as if you aren't putting your vehicle to good use.

Used SUVs

used SUVs auto blvd llc san antonio texasSUVs are as varied as they are popular, so how can you pick the right one for your needs? Most SUV buyers want the strongest and most menacing vehicle they can find – they want to feel like the king of the road even when they're out grocery shopping.

That's fine, but it's good to remember that each SUV is built for a purpose – some are meant to handle off-roading tasks, some are meant to carry heavier loads and some are best used for strolls around the city. If the latter is all you'll be using your SUV for, don't get too stuck on buying something that can win a rally – like with trucks, you'll just be wasting the beastly engine and the gas you feed to it.

When buying an SUV, always ask how it handles the type of terrain you'll be driving it out to. Many modern SUVs – even the higher-end models like the crossover BMW X6 – handle mud and dirt very poorly in spite of their looks.

Handling is another thing to keep in mind and is another reason why you shouldn't go overboard – powerful SUVs meant to handle rough terrain will often be more difficult to drive, meaning you'll be putting yourself in a needlessly-uncomfortable position if urban environments are what you'll use the vehicle for. Remember – just because there's rain or snow in your area doesn't mean you need an SUV that can withstand a nuclear explosion.

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Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles

pre owned luxury car audio auto blvd llc san antonio texasTrue, the main purpose of every luxury vehicle is to look good inside and out, and looks are the main selling point of these dream cars. But this hardly means that your luxury vehicle should be all style and no substance – if you know what to look for, you can easily find a deluxe sedan with a sturdy and reliable engine that's built to last. Just as easily, you can buy a luxury vehicle that feels as if it wasn't built for actual driving.

Be sure to read up on the quality of whichever model you have your eye on – as already mentioned, not all luxury cars were built with driving in mind, and there are quite a few models notorious for their faults and poor engine quality.

As an informed buyer of a luxury vehicle, you probably already have your selection down to two or three brands. But did you know that nearly every model of a luxury sedan or CUV comes with many different packages to choose from? These packages could make a big difference in comfort, and they could also inflate the price a fair bit without really offering you all that much. If you feel you have a luxury vehicle model down, make sure to know the different packages it comes in and choose one that fits your needs and pockets best.

Another thing to look out for is size: luxury sedans are called 'limousines' for a reason – they're often notably longer than a regular car and are therefore more difficult to steer. If you live in a small city with many narrow roads, getting the longest limousine car you can find might not be the best idea.

Getting Great Deals On Muscle Cars

muscle cars corvette camaro mustang auto blvd llc san antonio texasNo cars are able to stretch their muscles quite as effectively as the world-renowned American icons: Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs and so on. Due to their status and unparalleled engine quality, these cars are also known for their steep prices and getting a good deal on them can be tough.

Making things more difficult is the fact that not a lot of used muscle cars have high mileage that would drive the price down a bit. If you're in the market for an affordable muscle car, try looking for a newer model with a solid number on the odometer – thanks to their superb engine quality, these cars will malfunction less than many other cars with half their mileage would.

Keep an eye out for mods as well, both aesthetic and performance ones – muscle cars are a popular subject for expensive mods and many sellers will include these in the price, driving it upwards. An out-of-the-box muscle car will tend to be noticeably cheaper than one that was tweaked.

Age plays into muscle cars differently than it does in many other types of vehicles – older muscle cars are just as revered and sought-after as their contemporary counterparts. Whereas a decades-old sedan might make you seem cheap and out of style, an older muscle car will often do the opposite. If you do find an older muscle car at a good price, don't hesitate to buy it, but keep in mind that the ideal owner of an old timer has patience and a good amount of repairing know-how.

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CarFax Certified Used Vehicles

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